For those of you who are looking for the Global Country of World Peace and their associated partner organizations - THIS WEBSITE IS NOT IT.  This domain was theirs in the far past and was in expired state for years. The domain was held by a domain reseller company and purchased from them. So they are a completely different organization and website. They are part of the TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION organization and are led by their WORLD-WIDE KING and his country-specific KINGS, as in actual kings with crowns. I did some research on them and found out the following which I now share because I find it fascinating that such a group could actually form.  They seem ‚Äč legitimately  confused in their role as kings. 

The top leader of the Transcendental Meditation Organization the Maha Raja, (Hindi meaning "great king"), who's organizations claimed he is a SOVEREIGN (look that one up to be sure you understand it right). 

It seems the organisation was founded as a kingdom with world-wide ambitions, with country specific kings. Allegedly they have attempted to gain true sovereignty by acquiring land and/or attempting to crown local natives in certain parts of the world, and by attempting to set up kingdoms in those countries, either with or without the approval of the host nation.  

In one case, in Costa Rica this global TM country planned to anoint and crown a first nation native person they selected as "king" of the tribal area. They even talked about giving the local native families more than 150 dollars a month as some kind of employment or job opportunity to sweeten the deal. The idea was the natives would vote to make the Transcendental Meditation Global Country of World Peace appointed native the king of his tribe. 

With the money aspect it sounds to me like voter manipulation, but this is just my opinion. Some of the first nation people were upset about this royal development, the plan for a TM global country appointed local king. It seems a dispute arose between those for and against this plan. The secret service of Costa Rica investigated the incident. A report was submitted to the President by the Interior Minister. Thereafter these foreign king makers, part of the global TM leadership were asked to leave Costa Rica. This happened back in 2001 or 2002.   

They also attempted to acquire lands in several other countries, each with it"s own story of how they were rebuked by the nations. To be clear these royals who wear the crowns are the top level management of the world-wide Transcendental Meditation organisation popularised by Maharishi Mahesh over decades. Did you know this? Does the TM organisation show this royal management structure any of their TM marketing websites? They don't seem to be upfront about this information and their past political activities.

 Here is the flag of their country.

Here is the world king Maha Raja and the golden throne he sits on sometimes.  Notice the world map above his head, and the country flag to the right of him.

Here is the President of that country, his excellency Dr. Bevan Morris. For decades he was the President of a Maharishi branded University in the United States.
Here is their Central Bank issued currency as can be seen in this online BBC article. The Global Country of World Peace has issued issued currency notes in 1-5-10 RAAM face values. Their Central Bank is established in Vedic City, Iowa. Is the Vedic City the first city state of the global TM country? Vedic City is part of the Iowa and the United States, but the TM global country has stated their leader the Maha Raja is a sovereign, so who knows what their plan is. Many of the rajas live in or near Vedic City, Iowa.

Most if not all the Transcendental Meditation teachers belong to this Global Country of World Peace and consider this Maha Raja "Great King" as the world leader of their organisation. Each country also has a national Raja, simply called Raja who coordinates the Transcendental Meditation teachers in each county. It seems that the rajas, both the great one and the national ones demand from the the transcendental meditation teachers obedience in many matters. Democracy is a bad word in their dictionary and normal democratic and free-world values are allegedly frowned on by many of the rajas.   

Many TM teachers have been expelled for not wanting to support this political looking organisation or for asking too many questions, especially about financial transparency. Possibly this could be a kind of political discrimination. Kind of like requiring the TM teachers to belong to a certain political lobbying organisation in order to keep their status as a TM teacher. Since many of the TM teachers are tied to the TM movement for decades in terms of financial income, friendships, and reputation, it seems the TM teachers don't have much choice but go along. That sucks! 

How long before some of them turn to professional legal help? How long before some of them turn to the Federal government to investigate this whole thing about tying income, and membership in a spiritual organisation to a world-wide political country making initiative? 

The organisation(s) in USA have collected hundreds of millions of dollars in donations over the past 15 years, but there are no detailed public records available to the members about the spending of those monies. For sure the organisation has done the minimum reporting required by law, but transparency has been called for by members of the kingdom, Transparency is lacking and is worrisome for such a large conglomerate of non-profit organisations with a worldwide reach.
Beware of this royal global organisation as they are strange mix of spirituality and political sounding ideals,  and perhaps the golden crowns means they wish (or wished) to control actual territories on Earth.  In the past they have attempted  to create a world-wide network of Vedic style buildings where they can hoist their country flag, and even give out citizenship - with passports - to local TM meditators.    

They imagined that people around the world would join their country, be dual-citizens in that country, thus would of had a network of citizens around the world. Sounds like a future lobbying network for their kingdom, this is just my opinion. Perhaps the Vedic buildings with the Vedic country flag flying were intended to be embassies of the the Global Country of World Peace. Perhaps I misunderstand them, but all of this looks like a globalist initiative in spiritual garb. 
The golden inscription on the building is "Capital of the Global Country of World Peace".  it seems they wished to represent themselves - the country - from these buildings. They of course never announced their intention to form embassies, and it is speculation to say so. Still it is strange to see the flag of a foreign "country" flying high next to these buildings when their organisation is called a country and has crowned individuals as leaders. Questions about this "country" are intended for experts in foreign political affairs.  It is prudent to check your own nation's constitution and laws about supporting foreign political organisations before supporting this country.  Follow your own country's laws in these matters. 

The slow indoctrination of school age children and young adults into this non-democratic global country is worrisome. This world-wide organisation comes in the disquise of a spiritual organisation which helps people - for example military veterans - , and the meditation does seem to help, but the extra ideological and political baggage it brings with it is strange to say the least. 
Also worrisome is the many legal agreements they had members sign in the past, and often without letting the members have copies for themselves. Kind of one sided it seems. How can you know what you agreed to if you did not get a copy? Good luck with trying to get this organisation to send you one of their lengthy agreements beforehand so you can show it your legal advisor!  Although maybe, in recent years they have started giving members copies of legal agreements. Check beforehand! 
Also it seems there are oaths to either the TM organisation or the the Global Country of World Peace or to the "king". It is unclear who has to perform the oath to whom, perhaps only recently trained teachers have to perform the oath.  This could be worrisome to anyone who values his own national heritage and political system. Oaths to another country or foreign king even if virtual could be a problem depending which country you are citizen of. 

Check with your legal advisor beforehand. You can show the lawyer this website as a starter, and then the lawyer can do a more detailed study on this. 

Do your own research, be aware of what they are doing, and what their plans were in the past, and what their plans are for the future. Understand how they differ from the original Transcendental Meditation Movement which was a non-political movement for spiritual development via Indian Vedic studies and meditation. Research them, keep track of this royal society of rajas.  This royal raja kingdom could especially be an interesting research topic for anyone who has taken an oath to the constitution or the government. For example: leaders in municipal, state, or federal governments, diplomats, or armed service members, the everyday patriotic citizens, the "preppers" and others who keep watch on globalistic trends, and trends which could affect national sovereignty.  
It seems over the years a number of Transcendental Meditation teachers have left the Global Country of World Peace, or never even joined this country.  They have formed their own meditation centres. Others were expelled from this kingdom for not following the crowned individuals. If you are interested in meditation then these independent teachers can be a source for the original teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and its world class meditation practice. Ask beforehand if they actually teach meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

Just remember "raja" means king or leading nobleman, who controls a territory. Look it up in any Sanskrit or Hindi dictionary! Put it all together in your mind: kings, crowns, royals, non-democratic, Central Bank, money, country, flag. Need I say anymore? 
This site is intended to show another side of the TM movement many have not seen. It is not intended to dissuade anyone from learning Transcendental Meditation which is a great mental technique for deep relaxation with its many benefits. The meditation is great, the organisation that took control over the original meditation organisation is pathetic.   

Do your own research! Make up your own mind! 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi valued critical thinking.